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Standard: 8 passengers

Optional: Up to 12 passengers including optional seating such as aft 3-place divan on both sides, belted toilet and forward side facing seat.

Range: 3,000 nm (5,556 km)

(LRC, 4 passengers, 2 pilots and NBAA IFR reserves with 200 nm alternate airport)

Mmo (Maximum Operating Mach): Mach 0.83

High-Speed Cruise: Mach 0.82

Takeoff Distance: 4,600 ft (1,402 m)

(MTOW, Sea Level, ISA)

Unfactored Landing Distance: 2,400 ft (732 m)

(LW with 4 passengers @200 lb (91 kg) each and NBAA IFR reserves, Sea Level, ISA)

Maximum Operating Altitude: 45,000 ft (13,716 m)